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Work Well-being Manager VET Training Course

Work Well-being Manager VET Training Course

  • Introducing the Job Profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to Prevent and Combat Work-related Stress

The “Work Well-being Manager VET Training Course” is an innovative, flexible and qualified vocational educational course aiming to help HR managers evolve into Work Well-being Managers. Through this course, learners will be able to stimulate self-experience and impart knowledge about the wide range of approaches in human resources management with a special attention to guarantee a holistic approach to wellbeing on the workplace. The course adopts a blended methodology with face-to-face and work-based learning actions and online resources and is available in 6 languages (English, Slovenian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish).


The project aims:

  • to train HR managers on how to become Work Well-being Managers (WWM),
  • to set the exact role and responsibilities of the Work Well-being Manager (WWM),
  • to encourage a proactive approach and highlight the major role managers can play in reducing the problems of stress,
  • to pinpoint the WWM’s cross-functional role which leverages psychological skills including diversity management,
  • to introduce in the workplace policies on mental health and welfare, positive work-life balance, diversity management promotion,
  • to improve mental health and reduce sickness absence in the EU working population;-

Target Groups
  • Organizations (mainly SMEs) with their employers and employees
  • VET trainers
  • Associations for the protection of workers' rights
  • Decision makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Middle managers
  • Unemployed people interested to acquire the competences of this new professional profile

Evaluation methods


At the end of the material and after having finished all questionnaires, the user will receive a course certificate. This certification will serve as an additional qualification in the CV and the job market.